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Sunshine State Hogs

Posted on 06-20-2011 by Team Backwoods

Hunting pigs is just plain fun. It’s hard to describe unless you’ve actually done it, but take our word for it… it’s a blast.

Backwoods Boys Dan Wallace and Mike Pierson joined up with Bill Troubridge from Excalibur Crossbow to fill up some “down-time” between seasons hunting hogs in the Sunshine State.

While the temperatures were plummeting back home, the boys enjoyed some warm weather and a week of quality hunting. After a week of hunting, the boys filmed four Sunshine hogs for the show. The highlight of the week, however, came on the second day of the hunt.

Bill Troubridge took this 300-pound hog with the Excalibur CrossbowWith the sun beginning to set, Bill was getting antsy. There had been several small hogs around them all night, but Bill was hoping for something memorable. He wouldn’t be disappointed. With daylight at a premium a 300-pound Florida boar showed himself, and Bill proved the devastating power the Excalibur Crossbow provides by sending a FireBolt tipped with a BoltCutter Broadhead screaming through the big boar.