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Spring Turkey Season a Huge Success

Posted on 06-20-2011 by Team Backwoods

Coming off of an incredible whitetail season, the Backwoods Boys turned their attention to the upcoming spring turkey season, hoping the string of good fortune would carry forward.

The kids got us started. Kentucky's youth turkey season offers a great opportunity to get the kids out in the woods, away from the distractions of life and into another element. This year we took four kids to Kentucky and set out for a weekend we hoped would build memories. We had no idea...

As the sun began to rise on opening day of the Kentucky youth turkey season the valley began to echo with the sound of gobblers on the roost. For four young hunters, it made the early hour more bearable. As the turkeys began to gobble, tired eyes opened wide in anticipation. McKenzie, Bailey, Chris, and Jacob settled in for the morning hunt.

It didn't take long before the sound of gobbles in the valley was replaced with the sweet sound of 12-gauge shells echoing off the hillside. Before lunch, three birds had hit the ground.

McKenzie and Bailey had taken their first long-beards, and Chris, his first jake. All three had taken their first turkeys.

The kids set the pace... all the Backwoods Boys had to do was keep up. By setting the pace, the kids set us up for an exceptional turkey season.

Kentucky's Youth Turkey Season was a huge Success.

It wasn't an easy pace to keep... with one of the wettest springs in history, the hunting was tough. Without a doubt, the wet spring hunts were made more effective by the "Play Wet" calls produced by Woods Wise Products. All of the Woods Wise friction and box calls play 100% wet, thanks to the special coating on their strikers and boxes. Slate, crystal, and metal all play well, providing reliable calls even in the wettest conditions.

McKenzie took this old Tom in her HuntMore Chair

When all was said and done, 10 birds hit the ground during the spring turkey seasons in Kentucky and Ohio. The birds didn't stand a chance as the Boys let the Excalibur's fly and the shotguns blaze.