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Monster Mulies in Wyoming

Posted on 09-20-2010 by Team Backwoods

On September 1, Jerry Niffenegger and Dan Wallace found themselves back for the second year with Taft Love at Milliron TJ Outfitters in looking for trophy mulies in the drainages of the Wyoming prairie. This is a true spot and stalk hunt, and we couldn't have teamed up with anyone better than Taft Love, who, day after day, had us within bow range of bedded down mule deer.

The biggest obstacle the boys ran into was an abundance of wildlife. They weren't hard to find… they were everywhere, making the stalk a tricky affair.

At one point Taft and Dan Wallace and his Wyoming Mule DeerDan were standing over a ledge, 12 feet above a 160 inch bedded down mule deer. As Dan lowered the bow, the mule deer caught the shadow of his predator, and bolted for safer ground. Opportunities like this are unforgettable.

After countless stalks and lots of laughs, an unsuspecting 5x5 mule deer stood only 10 yards away from the tip of the Excalibur. With a touch of the trigger, the arrow hit its mark, sending the big muley running. He fell just 30 yards away. Dan had just successfully taken his second mule deer with Taft Love and archery equipment.

The very next day success found its way to the Backwoods Boys once again.



Jerry, Dan and Taft made their way to the high country – where the big boys live. After stalking "the rocks" in 92 degree temperatures for more than an hour, Jerry and Taft belly-crawled past two un-alerted mule deer lying in a canyon, into a sniper position overlooking three trophy mulies bedded down in the afternoon heat.

As the first deer got up to feed, only 32 yards away, Jerry settled himself, and launched an arrow into the rib cage, taking his first mule deer. Jerry's buck rolled over a ledge, and his two companions decided it might be worthwhile to leave the country.

Jerry had taken a nice whitetail at Milliron TJ Outfitters last year, but his first mule deer, a 181 inch 8x5 mule deer is a true trophy.

Spot and stalk with archery equipment for trophy mule deer is the way to go, and Taft Love is the man who knows how to get the job done.