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Bears In The Backwoods Review

Posted on 11-17-2008 by Team Backwoods

Crossbow Review, an independent website targeted at crossbow hunters, recently posted a review of Bears In The Backwoods on their site (

After running into Jerry at the ATA show, Crossbow Review contacted us to see about using some images from the video in the review. It seems they were impressed...

"All of the hunts are entertaining to watch and a few add some thrill such as when a bear started to …. well, do you really expect me to spoil the content? "

This isn't the first review of Bears In the Backwoods. Bear Hunting Magazine ran a review several months ago, giving the DVD the highest rating they give out.

If you haven't seen Bears In The Backwoods yet, now is as good a time as any. In fact, right now is the perfect time. We're getting ready to release Bears In The Backwoods II very soon. We're very proud of our DVD releases and it's good to see others are enjoying them as well.

Bears In the Backwoods, and the rest of our growing DVD library is available in the Backwoods Store. You can also catch a bunch of hunting videos on Backwoods TV.