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Bear Hunting Mag Reviews Bears In The Backwoods

Posted on 03-13-2008 by Team Backwoods

The latest issue of Bear Hunting Magazine includes a review of our first Bear Hunting DVD Bears In The Backwoods. The full review is listed below.

Video Review

Bears In The Backwoods

Join Team Backwoods as they leave the whitetails behind and head north of the border to Canada for some exciting bear hunts. These southern boys experience some heart-pounding action as they see and harvest black bears up close and personal at the bait sites for the first time.

They traveled to Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario pursuing trophy bears with compound and crossbows during the spring and fall. It was great to see all the action and good bears being seen and taken in Ontario during their fall season. Hunters used the drawing power of the Bear Bombs and the Woodswise bear calls to bring many bears in close.

There is nothing that gets the adrenaline pumping like being within a few yards of wild bears over a bait, giving the hunter an opportunity to not only enjoy the experience of seeing bears close up, but to be able to look the bear over and determine if it is the quality animal you are interested in harvesting.

The video quality was excellent and the excitement of the 14 hunts kept you on the edge of your seat for the full hour and a half. We enjoyed this video and look forward to additional bear productions from them in the future. We give it 4 paws.